Demonstrating trackbacks

16 09 2009

So this is how it works.

I like your post so I post a link back to your site. Then you should get an email that I’ve made a trackback reference to your wonderful work.


Fear of the Internet

29 10 2007

I tend to live in two different worlds; with folks that are adopters of all things net – like myself, and friends who actually FEAR the intrusion of the Internet on their lives.

I try to hide my surprise when a friend tells me she hasn’t signed up with Facebook because it will leave crazies to her door, and then there’s my housekeeper who doesn’t know anything about computers complains how companies & government departments tell her to get the information from their website.

While my friend is right to be concerned with putting personal information on the internet, does the potential for harm really mean she should avoid it all together? To me that’s the same as saying you shouldn’t drive a car because there are accidents. Surely someone can learn the pitfalls of placing personal information on the web and learn that there are some basic safe practices that will prevent much of the unwanted things from happening.

While, I understand that older citizens are not necessarily drawn to the digital world and certainly not everyone can afford or has access to computers – where is that happy medium?

Hello world!

15 10 2007

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