Stream of consciousness

15 10 2007

While I have a real life, I spend a lot of my time on the Internet. It’s where I work and the tools of my trade. I’m an Internet Branding professional. I spend my work hours offering solutions and opinions to companies – small and large – on how to best leverage and present their brand via the plethora of interactive technologies. I love my work.

That said, it only seems fair that I should test out my experiences and show folks the path that I take each day… or almost everyday. If I had a straight path through everything, if everything was easy I don’t think I’d offer services as solid as I believe I do. Experience in building and utilizing platforms for others is one thing, being able to do it for yourself… well, that’s a whole other ball game.

I love the Internet, examining how it impacts our personal, professional and collective lives.

I hope you’ll get some useful hints & tips from me as I pass through this exercise. Sure, you’ll have to endure some of my real personality. Yes, I have other sites and blogs. They are all aimed at garnering the widest spectrum of information for myself, as well as my clients.

“…Life is good but never fair…” – lou reed




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